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Chairman: Chris FitzHenry 07802826809
Secretary: Stephen Howe 07793006151

Cricket has been played in Sidbury for over 40 years, the club having been founded in the early 1970s. 'The Millfield', the club's beautiful ground, is in the heart of the village, just off the Millennium Green. Throughout its is history it has played some league Cricket but has mainly focused on playing other local village sides and touring teams looking to explore East Devon and the South West.

At the end of the 2018 season the players and committee felt it was the right time continue with the development of the club. So much so, that the club has decided to venture back into League Cricket in 2019. This is an exciting time for the club and the village.

We will continue with Junior cricket and provide an opportunity for the youngsters to progress. We will also continue to play social Cricket and encourage new players to participate, but league status will re-introduce more competitive cricket into the village.

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Opportunity to support local Sport

As part of the re-introduction into League Cricket, Sidbury CC is preparing for the new season both on and off the field. The club is looking to refurbish and maintain the ground and facilities, partly to meet the League standards, but also to create and develop a ground and team of which the village can be very proud.

On-going projects include maintenance of mowers and rollers, repair and refurbishment of boundary fencing and hedges, and improvements to pavilion and changing facilities. While the club manages to keep overheads to a minimum, these improvements require new sources of club income. We are therefore offering new sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and individuals - ways that people & businesses can support the club in its first season back in the League.

Below are a number of available sponsorship schemes. Support via these will provide crucial funds to help sustain the club.

If you are able to participate in any of these schemes the club and the village will be immensely grateful.

Click here to download full information of our Sponsorship schemes.

The club is always looking for new members and players, especially from the Sidbury area. Enthusiasm and commitment are more important than cricketing skills, so please contact Chris or Stephen if you are interested in playing, or helping to prepare the ground.

The club needs a committment from existing and new players, not only to play cricket, but also to assist the captain and committee in maintaining the ground.

All welcome to come and support Sidbury!